SNV Tropical Feed Library for Rumen8

This webpage gives access to the Tropical Feed Library which can be read and used only with the Rumen8 diet formulation software for dairy cows. This Feed Library was developed by the Kenya Market-led Dairy programme (KMDP) of SNV Kenya / Netherlands Development Organization, to support introduction of Rumen8 as an advisory tool to Kenya and the East African dairy sector. Adaptation of the Rumen8 software to tropical areas and the East African context was financially supported by SNV-KMDP and VICTAM Foundation from the Netherlands. KMDP was funded by the Netherlands Government.

The Australian feed library, which is provided with Rumen8, is not adequate for many countries with a tropical climate. Hence the KMDP project developed the Tropical Feed Library. Some of the feeds in the Tropical Feed Library are unique to Africa and are missing in the Australian library. In addition, higher levels of Neutral Detergent Fibre (NDF) and lower levels of crude protein are common in many tropical forages. For such diets it is recommended to use NDF intake (tick under DMI estimation method on the Animal tab) to predict the dry matter intake of dairy cattle in the tropics.

Data for the Tropical Feed Library was obtained from about 10 trusted published sources and currently includes about 230 feedstuffs. The library will remain the intellectual property of SNV and will be expanded and updated from time to time so please check this website regularly for updates.

Before downloading the Tropical Feed Library, it is essential to first install the Rumen8 software.

Download the Rumen8 Software

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