National Fodder and Agribusiness Conference

DATE: 14-12-2017

VENUE: Sarova Hotel, Nakuru

The first annual Fodder Agribusiness conference, organised by the Ministry Of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, KAVES and other development partners, presented an open forum and opportunity for farmers , extension personnel, scientists, innovators, entrepreneurs, investors and financial institutions to share findings and experiences on fodder farming and how advancement in science, technology, innovations and policy environment have influenced the development of fodder value chain in the country. Discussions mainly focused on the theme – ‘Re-Positioning the Fodder Value Chain for Sustainable Livestock Production in Kenya” as a strategic road map to improved food and nutrition security among livestock producers.

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Silage wrapping and packaging in Kenya by Fodder Innovation Team

SNV / Kenya Market-led Dairy Programme: support to smallholder dairy value chain

Youth-led Service Providers Enterprises in Kenya

KMDP-II Intervention Areas:

Practical Skills and Farm Management

Feed and Fodder

Milk Quality

Functional Dairy Value Chains

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