Review of KMDP feed and fodder interventions: Activities, Results and Opportunities

DATE: 2018-06-17

VENUE: Amber Hotel, Nairobi and Poa Place Eldoret

During KMDP-I, close collaboration was forged with experts in dairy production and farm management from PUM/Netherlands Senior Expert Programme (, with a strong focus on Feed & Fodder. Over the past 3 years, over 25 missions took place by three PUM experts supporting medium scale farmers, commercial fodder producers, agricultural contractors and local dairy advisors working with KMDP. 

SNV/KMDP and PUM organised a workshop wish to share lessons learned through this collaboration with the beneficiaries, facilitators, the donor and other interested and important stakeholders in the sector. This workshop yielded important insights and practical knowledge-exchange for dairy practitioners, service providers and input suppliers, as well as recommendations for KMDP-II. 

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Silage wrapping and packaging in Kenya by Fodder Innovation Team

SNV / Kenya Market-led Dairy Programme: support to smallholder dairy value chain

Youth-led Service Providers Enterprises in Kenya

KMDP-II Intervention Areas:

Practical Skills and Farm Management

Feed and Fodder

Milk Quality

Functional Dairy Value Chains

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