KMDP-II Innovation Fund

KMDP-II has an Innovation & Investment Fund that provides financial contributions to feasibility studies, demo and pilot projects and innovative business cases. SNV/KMDP-II encourages applications and proposals from Dutch companies or their representatives in Kenya, and/or from Kenyan companies who wish to collaborate and partner with Dutch investors, technology and/ or knowledge providers. Thereby aiming at innovations and best practice solutions through transfer of knowledge, skills, products and services and – preferably - cross border investments.

The preferred thematic areas are in dairy farm management (including farm economics and farm recording), dairy services and inputs including practical training and dairy advisory, supply chain management, milk quality and feed and fodder solutions.

Please click here to download the KMDP innovation & investment fund's charter.

Innovation Fund Projects

1. Feed and fodder by fodder innovation team (FIT)

KMDP supports Fodder innovation team to set up a professional maize silage supply, contracting and baling services for the dairy sector. This will ensure enhanced access for small medium and large-scale farmers quality fodder for constant milk production. FIT will also provide consultancy services in fodder from seed to feed. In year two FIT will grow 80 acres of maize for baling and selling which will be increased to 130 acres. The maize is baled in round bales of 350 kg which can be transported from one site to another.

2. Quality Based milk payment system – Happy cow

To improve quality of raw milk, SNV/KMD is working with Happy cow Kenya to pilot a milk tracking & tracing and Quality based milk payment system. This pilot implemented in collaboration with two dairy cooperatives will reward farmers by paying a higher milk price for those who supply milk of higher quality

3. Dairy Advisory and training services - Bles Dairies

Dairy Training and Advisory Service (DATS) is a service unit of Bles dairies EA LTD. Which is set to be set up to assure sustainable trade in livestock and genetics. Through DATS, Bles dairy will ensure that clients of its core products, livestock and genetics are well equipped to receive and rear high breed dairy cattle sold to them by BDEA (pre-sales advisory) and to successfully and profitable manage them (post sale advisory). DATS will be financed by income from sale of livestock, genetics and consultancy services. Training center will be established at Samoei farm in Eldoret where training is offered by local and international experts

4. Uniform Agri (UA)

Uniform Agri is a global player in development and sale of dairy herd management software. KMDP piloted UA’s software in 2014 which resulted in local dealership with Villan computers in Eldoret which installs and markets UA in Kenya. UA software showed to be effective for herd and fertility management and to promote good dairy management practices in Medium and large-scale farms. UA developed a basics version which is aligned to needs of medium and small-scale farmers. KMDPs support to UA is therefore meant to assess the commercial viability of the basic version and to expand its market in Kenya. The software will be piloted in 30 medium scale farms who procure the software at discounted price. The project also involves intensive training and follow up to farms, to ensure they understand the utilization of the software. Pilot results will be documented and shared for learning.

KMDP-II Intervention Areas:

Practical Skills and Farm Management

Feed and Fodder

Milk Quality

Functional Dairy Value Chains

International Linkages