Save up to 40% by mixing feeds at home - Cowsoko Feeds

We use state-of-the-art least-cost feed formulation software to develop custom, homemade formulations. All the farmer has to do is mix and feed

Key benefits of using our feed software:

Feeds by Cowsoko

Deliver the quality you promised your animal

At the lowest cost.

Feeds by Cowsoko

Save Time and money

Our nutritionists deal with formulations and give free advice.

Feeds by Cowsoko

Boost profits

Save money by getting the best quality at the lowest cost.

Feeds by Cowsoko

Improve productivity

Your job is only to mix.


Cellfam's Costs Reseller Commission Customer Cost
One time Cost 1,500 300 1,800
Subsequent Cost (Per Formulation) 300 60 360
Total 1,800 360 2,160