Emma Muthoni

Emma Muthoni


Specialist in: Animal Production
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service providers for Buuri constituency trained by SNV doing Napier silage.The Napier has to be cut when its young(1metre high)when its highly nutritious and palatable.

Top Skills

  1. Dairy Business plans
  2. Feeding and homemade rations
  3. Building for cows
  4. Calf rearing

Academic Qualification

Course: Bsc. Animal Production
Institution: Egerton University
Training Level: Degree
From: Jan 1970 To: Jan 1970
I would like to be an exemplary citizen in my field, above being productive and a contributor to National development. I also like to work with an organization or institution that promotes development of personal ambitions, talents and disseminate the information and academic skills learnt.

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