Dairy farming facts: What is sexed semen?

By Victor Otieno
Dairy farming facts: What is sexed semen?

Sexed semen can help dairy farmers make sure more female calves are born.  However, the conception rate is slightly lower with sexed semen, particularly for cows already being milked, so that it is mainly recommended for heifers who will be having their first calf. For this reason sexed semen is not used as widely as unsexed semen at present.

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| 11 February 2018, 4:09pm

Thanks a lot for this platform and all the articles on here Victor.I am a Nigerian who recently relocated back home from the Uk.I want to go into the Dairy/Cattle ranching sector but I have had challenges finding all these information I found on here .Please I would like your telephone number in order to call you and pick your brains on setting up a ranch.Good job and you have opened my mind and brain to the unlimitless potentials inherent

By Julianne Snyder | 11 February 2018, 4:34pm