Everyone, everywhere can start and run a profitable dairy farm

Whether you want to start with one or expand to 500 cows, Cowsoko© offers everything you need to run a profitable farm. Use your land to earn extra income and create jobs for your community


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Everything you need to know about cows

Everyday, we support farmers make smarter investment decisions by connecting them to simple, relevant, and practical knowledge and information in the livestock industry.

Buy a Cow

Through our online platform, farmers have access to an entire world of high quality cows. Before purchase we offer detailed information on what cows are available across Kenya, health status, breeding history and records of the cattle. You can then deal directly with the sellers, negotiate and pay, with no intermediaries.

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Beyond Purchase

Buying a cow is just a beginning of a journey.

Training & Consultancy

We work in collaboration with experts and leading farms across the country to ensure farmers get all the information they need to manage their cows profitably. Our services ensures farmers reduce cost of production, make more money, and keep cows healthier for longer.

Digital Marketing for Businesses

For companies looking to launch or promote products, we have a range of digital marketing packages, branding, and training to ensure they target the right customers and improve their sales.

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