Livestock contributes to 13% of GDP, supporting 10 million pastoralists.

Livestock keepers who depend primarily on livestock or livestock products for income and food occupy 80% of Kenya’s arid and semi-arid lands. The dairy sector provides jobs to over 1.2 million people and contributes to 4% of the GDP.

However, fragmented markets are inefficient in price discovery and farmers are often price takers rather than price makers. Imperfect information allows middlemen to profit – surplus that should have remained with the farmers.

Our Vision

Radically transform the livestock sector by significantly reducing the costs associated with market access and information sharing.


Cowsoko offers quality cattle, sheep, goats, camels and donkeys for private sale across the web in Kenya, and has managed to garner a dedicated customer base, with many of them being return customers.

Credible vendors maintain detailed records of their pedigree and non-pedigree herds.

Buyers can see what stock is available across Kenya, assess the farm and stock, check the health status, body condition, then conveniently pay online or using mobile payment options and wait for delivery without any hassles.

Bulk buyers can place orders with specifications of the livestock that they need then we ensure we deliver based on their requirement.



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