KMDP-II Innovation & Investment Fund

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The second Phase of the Kenya Market-led Dairy Programme (KMDP-II) facilitates transitioning from aid-to-trade relations, and enhanced business linkages between Dutch and Kenyan companies active in the dairy sector. This is expected to contribute to a more sustainable model for dairy sector development and exhange of knowledge, transfer skills and technology, and cross border investments. KMDP-II has an Innovation & Investment Fund that provides financial contributions to feasibility studies, demo and pilot projects and innovative business cases. SNV/KMDP-II encourages applications and proposals from Dutch companies or their representatives in Kenya, and/or from Kenyan companies who wish to collaborate and partner with Dutch investors, technology and/ or knowledge providers. Thereby aiming at innovations and best practice solutions through transfer of knowledge, skills, products and services and – preferably - cross border investments.
The preferred thematic areas are in dairy farm management (including farm economics and farm recording), dairy services and inputs, supply chain development (including milk quality), feed & fodder, practical skills and knowledge transfer (including commercial dairy advisory services).

The criteria for applying to the Fund can be downloaded by clicking on the following link: KMDP-II Innovation & Investment Fund

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