Denis Biwott, assistant farm manager at Willens PDTC was among the group of farmers who attended a two week training in the Netherlands from 10th to 25th October 2015. The training was organised by SNV in collaboration with NABC.

The training involved practical sessions at the Dairy Training Center (DTC) where farmers spent two hours in class, then the rest of the morning in the Barn learning practically by doing. The afternoons were spent in excursions to different farms that show best practices in the topics of discussion of the day.

The second week,the trainers visited different companies that support dairy farming activities to learn and understand how the dairy eco system works. Some of the companies visited include CRV, Nutreco, Unform agri, agriprom among others.

A visibly elated Denis said the had gained useful knowledge that will help him improve his farm and support other farmers better by spending more time in the Barns and learn by doing.
The Labor Needs Assesment (LNA) revelaed a huge gap in practical skill tranfer and KMDP supports PDTCs to engage in more practical approach in skills transfer.