DTI Business Plan

Author(s) : DTC/The Friesian/SNV Kenya/DTI

Date : 2013

Type : Business plan

The Dairy Training Institute in Naivasha (DTI) is mandated to carry out technical dairy training and has been providing this training since the 1960s.
DTI currently falls under the Department of Livestock Production of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries. As such it is constrained by not being able to receive direct external funding or to invest revenues back into the institute, to manage the institute in commercial manner, to employ its own staff and to develop a training portfolio based on market needs. For this reason, the parent ministry and the DTI steering committee have embarked on establishing a more commercially oriented and (semi-) autonomous DTI. In order to assist DTI’s transition, a business planning team was fielded, comprising The Friesian, SNV, DTI, DTC staff, and a consultant representing the Kenya Dairy Processors Association; this report is the outcome of the mission.

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Willens PDTC
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Itiri Dairy Farm

Other KMDP intervention areas:

Dairy Value Chain

KMDP works in milk sheds across Kenya with milk processors and CBEs, willing to develop more inclusive business models. KMDP’s support to milk Collection and Bulking Enterprises (CBEs) is embedded on training & extension models, with emphasis on fodder preservation and/or commercial fodder supply chains.

Training and Skills

KMDP supports a number of decentralized private operated Practical Dairy Training Centres (PDTCs) close to the farmer. These PDTCs are commercial dairy farms that have gone into training, mainly for smallholders. KMDP also supports the transitioning of DTI towards attainment of autonomy from government

Feeds and Fodder

KMDP’s fodder intervention aims to increase year-round access to good quality fodder on-farm (smallholders and MSFs) and from Commercial Fodder Producers (CFPs). This includes support on fodder-management, introducing new seed varieties and piloting innovative technologies and business concepts for marketing of preserved fodders.

The Medium Scale Farmers Model

KMDP's support to Medium Scale Farmers is focused on organisation of MSFs in study groups, training on Total Farm Management (i.e. fodder management, cow house design and record keeping ), and facilitating linkages with credible local and international input suppliers, service providers, international knowledge platforms and investors.

Quality Based Milk Payment

To adress the issue of low quality of raw milk, KMDP through its Innovation Funds facilitate processors to pilot a Quality Based Milk Payment System. In 2014 KMDP assisted Happy Cow Ltd. in Nakuru with the preparation of a proposal for implementation of such a pilot and was able to leverage co-funding for this 2 year project from EKN.

International Linkages

KMDP facilitates international companies that wish to contribute in a professional and credible way to the Kenya dairy sector. KMDP also assists local dairy stakeholders who wish to link up with international input suppliers and service providers, or who want to organize a study tour overseas for exposure and learning.